Teacher and Pupil at Piano Lesson

Piano Lessons Options:


  1. Preschoolers (age 3) group class of 45 minutes,with MINI MUSICIANS curriculum.Fee  $28/class

  2. Preschoolers (age 4-5) group class of 45 minutes ,with MINI MUSICIANS curriculum.Fee $28/class

  3. Preschoolers (age 4-5) private lesson of 30 minutes (Fee $41)

  4. Duet Lesson (40 minutes) FOR EARLIEST BEGINNER ONLY (Fee $33/class) or you can choose private lesson of 30 minutes (Fee $41/class). You can find your own partner lesson or we will try to find it for you

    (this might have waiting time)

  5. Private Lesson (30 minutes) FOR ALL LEVELS .Fee $41/class of 10 weeks approximately in a term with 2 group lessons of    45 minutes in a term for 10 years old and above or with good musical knowledge (Fee of group lesson already included) ,approximately every 5th week of a term.This group lesson take place on Saturday 4-4.45 pm.

  6. Holiday Intensive Lesson ( 45 minutes). 

    Fee $67/class. This lesson  takes place during school holiday,we meet  3 times a week in the morning. A great way to have activities during school holiday!                                                                            


    *All fee to be paid fully in one term, even though     students take holiday  or other absence. Fee to be paid on the first day of the new term. Late payment fee :$30 .

  • When paying next term at the end of the current term, you will receive 5% off the total fee.

  • Fee to be increased by $1/class every year