Linda Jackson

Piano Teacher

Hi everyone,here is a little bit  about myself. Since I was little I always like music, until now. Any type of music whether it is pop, classical, jazz, rap,R&B, rock,baroque,gospel as long as it sounds good then I will try to know about that music better. My first job when I was teenager was piano teacher , substituting my own teacher who could not make it on a particular day. Then, I went to study finance, mass communications, obtained my advanced diploma, then,worked in finance, did a bit of vocal training and accompanied the children's ensemble as the pianist.As I did other jobs in finance area, I continued on my piano studies part time,until 2008 when I began to teach piano professionally. I like playing by ear with many songs I heard in the radio back in my school days ( I got to be the keyboard player too in my school band, that was fun days with my class mates!) or until now. I was trained classically but recently had found a new improved way of teaching and piano method, this change my way of teaching for the better. When I was studying the pianoforte I was lucky enough to win many eisteddfod competitions, my teacher said this is a good way of performing before an exam and to get the adjudicator feedback on my performance. I lost some and I won some of them. Important lessons I gained from that experience is to never give up even though it is hard,to take part is more important than to win and to be humble. I hold my certificate of performance from Australian Music Examinations board and have entered many students to the same examinations with thankfully many A or A+ result (My teacher said about these results that : I must have done something right!). I had enjoyable and useful master classes with Daniel Herscovitch, Jeanelle Carrigan and other brilliant concert pianist. We have a young son and a  curious little chihuahua whom we adore and they keep me busy  all day but ,they make our day colourful and fun as well!

My hobby is going to the musicals and I love animals. Thank you for your time to read my piano lesson website, I would be more than happy to answer your questions, Have a musical day!